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    Black Grille

    Just go buy new ones when I did mine i broke a couple went to the local parts place and grabbed some new ones think it cost $3-4
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    Rims gloss or flat

    I did a semi gloss and like it
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    New member

    Welcome to the RBC
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    new member from Alberta

    Welcome nice to see another nice red one in ab
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    new member

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    Driving in cement

    Haha thats funny
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    Happy B-Day Trubuilt!

    thanks for the birthday wishes
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    Lambo Doors

    I have seen them on a black truck I think its a member on one of the other forums
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    Hello from canada

    Welcome from Calgary
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    how do i post a ad?

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    Just wanting to see the average age of ram srt10 owner!!

    I was 23 when I got mine still have it today almost 6 years later
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    Hi everyone!

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    Another new one

    Welcome to the RBC :needpics:
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    Discount Tire Wont ship Nitto's to Canada

    I found gererals at for $510 canadian for us canadians , to the US it is the same price as tirerack
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    Discount Tire Wont ship Nitto's to Canada

    Haha thats funny almost nothing up here has the same prices as discount or tire rack.
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    Discount Tire Wont ship Nitto's to Canada

    Nitto has a contract with a distributer here, sounds to me like intentional gouging Discount said they will ship me other brands just cant do the nitto's
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    Discount Tire Wont ship Nitto's to Canada

    Just as the title states Discount Tire can't ship Nitto Tires to Canada thought I would help my fellow canadians out so they don't waste there time as well. They will ship to any address in the US
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    New CE #072 / 200 is here

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    Reverse Problems

    Do you know who to get the brass parts from?
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    Pictures of the 2013 Viper truck

    sleeper for sure