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  1. Black1

    Almost 20 Years!! Unbelievable

    I've been known to grace a tiled floor now and then. haha Doing well, D. Just living the Dad life (6yo boy and a 8yo girl). Life is full of ball games and cheerleading practice. lol
  2. Black1

    Almost 20 Years!! Unbelievable

    Almost as old as some of my underware.... What's up, Lady. ;)
  3. Black1

    Hello peeps!!

    Thanks, JR... Nice to see you, Eddie. :) I'm not around much anymore. Too much personal stuff going on right now. Sorry to hear you sold the truck, but I know it's time had come. Take care. :burnout:
  4. Black1

    1990 Wellcraft 3300 St. Tropez

    Wellcraft makes good boats.... always wanted a Scaraab. Good luck with the sale. Looks to be in nice shape. :)
  5. Black1

    Best of both worlds???

    If you look at all the pictures on the ebay listing, the engineering underneath is pretty spectacular. :)
  6. Black1

    Best of both worlds???

    Pretty cool! Lots of dough though. Plymouth : Barracuda Plymouth : Barracuda | eBay
  7. Black1

    ROZ's Z06

    Detailer's personal cars are the last to get cleaned. :o;) Oh, and yeah. :drool:
  8. Black1


    Andy (Birdman) is helping us with some Administrative (server) work for Shaggy.
  9. Black1

    Royal Purple Ice

    If it's like Water Wetter it should work.
  10. Black1

    Best A/M shocks

    QA1's rock, but they are $$$$
  11. Black1

    The need for a better CAI

    I think if we can get JMB (or someone) to fab a "smooth tube" from the stock box to the throttle body, it might make good power. The box is a decent design that feeds air straight from the grill. :dontknow:
  12. Black1


    Yep, thanks Wes... beat me too it. The drop-in (K&N) adds just as much power as a "CAI" in most cases. I think, if someone did a "smooth tube" from the stock air box to the throttle body instead of the plastic dryer vent piping, it would make some good power. Works on the Vipers, ya know...
  13. Black1

    Need ideas....welding logos

    Couple hundred bucks is pretty cheap for branding... I've seen numbers for logo designs anywhere from $700-$10,000. Designers are signing over exclusive rights to their artwork, and most want a lot of money to do that. So, if you got what you wanted, you got a great deal!
  14. Black1

    Dec 21 2012 whats your plan

    I agree... 30-30 is a great cartridge... :rock: I like the stock design. Keeps the scope low to the bore, and the stock drops down to get a good sight-line. Lever-actions are awesome for darn near anything (varmint, big game, intruders).
  15. Black1

    Dec 21 2012 whats your plan

    No it's a lever action rifle... 45 Long Colt or 30-30, I think... :)
  16. Black1

    Dec 21 2012 whats your plan

    :rock::rock::rock::rock: Did you see the new Mossberg ZMB Lever-Action? MmmmmMMmmm.... :drool:
  17. Black1

    When will this place be cleaned up

    Just a few drunk fellas that got out of hand and were given every chance to make it right.... ;)
  18. Black1

    When will this place be cleaned up

    Makes it easier that way... like fishing in a barrel. ;)
  19. Black1

    My Turbo Camaro

    MS3 cams sound real good... nice.
  20. Black1

    Dec 21 2012 whats your plan

    Bottle of Bourbon and a whole bunch of weaponry..... I'm not worried about the world ending. I'm just ready and waiting for all the people that THINK the world is ending.