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    No more SRT10 hood

    If you dont mind asking....what rims are you running?!?!? I LOVE the stock 22's, but I kinda wanna make the transition into some 24's! It just seems that nothing really "works" or "looks right" on an '05 quad cab...woah, sorry! Didnt mean to make this into a story, lol...anyway, what rims are...
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    SuperSnake Hoods Group Buy

    Is this still available ready to ship?!?! If so, I WILL PayPal ASAP!!!
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    Gauges, LED's, badges

    gauges still available???
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    UD pulleys 5 left!!

    hey, I'm new to this forum! can't figure out how to private message anyone!! hahaha....anyway, how do i go about getting on of these pulleys?!?! looking forward to your response! THANKS!!!