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  1. v10 fat

    help finding truck

    we don't have car fax I don't think I sold to a guy in Belgium I believe, around 2009, ish
  2. v10 fat

    help finding truck

    thanks .... would love another, here in UK they don't come up very often.
  3. v10 fat

    help finding truck

    hi guys looking to find my old truck , wish I'd never sold it vin is 3d7ha16hx4g157559 would love to hear about it .... thanks in advance
  4. v10 fat

    what mods do i need?

    his he full of shit you think?
  5. v10 fat

    what mods do i need?

    hi guys what mods would it take to do this guy ? not saying i would or will .. just seeing what it would take ? he is one of them guys that thinks his truck is better and faster than anyone elses . you know the sort ... red lightning half way down page...
  6. v10 fat

    need help!!

    paint it red will make it a lot quicker ,,,,,,,,lol
  7. v10 fat


    did the airbags go off?
  8. v10 fat

    Sunday the last day with the truck

    good luck............. and stay around whats replacing the truck?
  9. v10 fat

    Traded the Truck

    pics we do not get them in the uk
  10. v10 fat


    nice vid cheers
  11. v10 fat

    carlisle 09

    same here
  12. v10 fat


    mobil 1 0-40 here
  13. v10 fat

    Little Ralphy !!!

    HA HA HA
  14. v10 fat

    Video of me leaving car show yesterday.

    sounds sweet what exhaust you running ?
  15. v10 fat

    Took best truck in show today!

  16. v10 fat

    not really a black on black person but this may be a deal?

    looks nice truck needs the wing on though defo stockers too painted black, could prob sell wheels which means more money for mods
  17. v10 fat

    Photo Shoot

    now thats a good looking truck
  18. v10 fat

    need opinion on visual mods

    looks good
  19. v10 fat

    How many miles are on your truck....

    12.000 bought imported3 months old with 400 miles on it