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  1. poppopmadman

    FREE Spark Plug Boot Heat Shields

    Just pay for shipping!! All 10 from when I had my Ram SRT10
  2. poppopmadman

    If you bought my 2005 SRT10 Red Reg Cab Shift lite on column

    I have some parts to get to you - spark plug heat shields - Hood pad - Bilsteen shock for uppper rear - many other little parts. When sold it had new Toyo tires on front and generals on rear - Autometer shift lite small on steering column - Red Linex bed liner - tow hitch on rear
  3. poppopmadman


    I like it race version for sure!!
  4. poppopmadman

    2005 Ram SRT10 Reg Cab Shows up on site

    Job loss Moved back to NC after loosing job and could not afford to repair the trans (REV out) so I am trying to clean up all my items that I have 3d3ha16hx5g797838 Truck has brand new SPEC 3+ pressure plate and new clutch disc Kernersville Dodge replaced fluids in the rear and trans...
  5. poppopmadman

    2005 Ram SRT10 Reg Cab Shows up on site

    If someone has a 2005 Red Ram Srt10 Reg cab with no Upper Shock and a rear cover with 12 point ARP Stainless bolts - It was mine I will give you parts that I am selling if you pick up or pay for shipping You have lojack also and I have papers for it.
  6. poppopmadman

    2005 Ram SRT 10 Parts REG CAB

    Bilstein Upper Center shock - maybe 20,000 miles on it with bolts Spark Plug heat shelds all 10 Hood / cowl insulation strip 0 mounts on fiew wall Name your price with shipping....
  7. poppopmadman

    22 SRT10 Wheel

  8. poppopmadman

    22 SRT10 Wheel

    Ok thanks!
  9. poppopmadman

    22 SRT10 Wheel

    About 33.00 insured if less i will send you money back if more i will cover costs
  10. poppopmadman

    Stock Air Box KN Filter

    I will send you info on paypal if first guy doesnt bet it by Saturday afternoon
  11. poppopmadman

    Dual composite Disc for 6 speed Trans

    Only Have the Disc for sale
  12. poppopmadman

    Dual composite Disc for 6 speed Trans

    Not Stock Replacement - step up for racing good friction - can,t remember what brand - will see if it is on unit
  13. poppopmadman

    Used Air Box Stock

    SOLD~~~ Has holes in intake hose - box has some mount posts missing 30.00 Shipped good to put in when selling or trading ram
  14. poppopmadman

    Stock Air Box KN Filter

    Used on Ram and now for sale 20.00 shipped
  15. poppopmadman

    22 SRT10 Wheel

    I have one spare with some nicks from wheel place install 150.00 plus shipping
  16. poppopmadman

    Dual composite Disc for 6 speed Trans

    I have this new unit for sale 100.00 shipped bought it for my Ram SRT10 but went with another unit
  17. poppopmadman

    Anyone had reverse go out on 6 speed?

    I did not buy new one - did not make sense when i can rebuild with better parts Dodge dealer changed fluid so I can say what they put in - I would also stick with the 0w40 if you can - bearing tolerances
  18. poppopmadman


    ft payne I am in Ft Payne alabama 1 hour 15 mins away Truck trans crapped