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  1. De-HemiFyd

    Possible replacment for SRT-10?

    WHy are they callin it a Durango? lol
  2. De-HemiFyd

    SRT-10 Commercial

    and it proves that RED is fastest! Even blows doors off! lol
  3. De-HemiFyd

    Black wheels

  4. De-HemiFyd

    September TOTM Poll...Vote Here

    YOGI gets my vote! gotta back a brotha with the "FLAMES":rock:
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  6. De-HemiFyd

    Does This Mean He Ddoesn't like Us?

    Space wasting? He needs to get a life! And I have to say it...Im sorry if I Offend....But,DAMN! FUN2xlr8...the woman in your sig pic.....nice,DUDE,NICE! She got a sister?lol
  7. De-HemiFyd

    Ft.Worth,TX-possible new members

    Amber,I see you are getting to know the crew here....Just remember..most of em' are full o' crap! lol:listen: :toilet: :laugh: :laugh: later Chic!:burnout: :burnout: :vroam:
  8. De-HemiFyd

    Welcome MrsViperTruck!!

    WELCOME TO THE FUNNY FARM! Be carefull where you step around here! Wait..did you put on your rubber boots,before you joined???? It gets pretty deep in here! lol
  9. De-HemiFyd

    Hurricane Ernesto Go Home

    I wish it would hit the Texas coast! Not to hurt anyone.Just that we need the rain!
  10. De-HemiFyd

    2004 and later SRT 10 stuff for sale

    called the # you posted...guy said i had wrong #...?
  11. De-HemiFyd

    2004 and later SRT 10 stuff for sale

    do you still have the centerforce clutch assembly? and if much $?
  12. De-HemiFyd

    best place/price for clutch/flywheel?

    Gary at X-metal? ok,thanx...
  13. De-HemiFyd

    best place/price for clutch/flywheel?

    i need to get a new flywheel/clutch....oppinions on the best place/price? thanx....
  14. De-HemiFyd

    They Grow Them Big in Texas

    so...where is the joke in this story?:dontknow:
  15. De-HemiFyd

    A stock air intake tube-needed asap!!

    Can anyone help a brother out? I need a stock intake tube(the black rubber) This request is VERY URGENT! I will pay for shipping! Please let me know if you can help me out! 214-587-3977 Shawn AND,THANX in advance!
  16. De-HemiFyd

    Challenger SRT-8 510 HP?

    old,now they are talking a 400ci hemi!
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    oh, we go! lol Elliot who? lol
  18. De-HemiFyd

    the video: slow91 v. L

    good vid! :burnout: :rock:
  19. De-HemiFyd

    Toronto Here...!!!!!...HI ALL...!!!!!

    glad to have ya with us! make yourself at home!
  20. De-HemiFyd

    Hello Everyone

    :creep: hiding were you?