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  1. lightningKILLER

    Family looking to buy

    I get it, but never said perfect! I’ve owned 3. I’m talking major issues. He’s not a big mechanical guy. Wants to turn key and run fast. 18k is it, I know there’s some out there. Thanks!!
  2. lightningKILLER

    Family looking to buy

    hey guys. Been a very long time not posting, etc. my brother is looking for a clean, low mileage srt10. He’s asked me to look for him, so I figured I’d start here! Truck needs to be right, no accidents, no issues. Please let me know what you may have. Straight up he wants to spend under 18k...
  3. lightningKILLER

    New Member, 2004 Dodge Ram SRT-10 RC Black

    Congrats! Check your oil cooling/PS lines as soon as you can. Known to leak
  4. lightningKILLER

    2005 SRT10 RC for sale Silver 53k miles $21k OBO

    Clean truck! Stay at your price, you'll get it with that low of miles. Try eBay if not.
  5. lightningKILLER

    New owner of VCA #24

    Congrats! She is amazing!
  6. lightningKILLER

    i just realized ive been here 8 years..

    July 06. Owned and sold 3
  7. lightningKILLER

    2004 Silver RC

    beautiful truck, and low low miles. GLWS!
  8. lightningKILLER

    05 reg cab part out

    Thank goodness it comes with the owners manual.....
  9. lightningKILLER

    New Member in Ontario

    Welcome! Is this your truck for sale? Dodge RAM 1500 SRT 10 Standard Cab Pickup 2 Door | eBay
  10. lightningKILLER

    Looking for OEM parts

    Thanks! But I bought some from Punisher.
  11. lightningKILLER

    Looking for OEM parts

    ya these parts for my work truck I just bought. Shes a 4.7! lol Im saving for a hellcat
  12. lightningKILLER

    Looking for OEM parts

    Thanks Wayne! Found Heads, Tails, and Grill. Still looking for mirrors! Andy also just told me my truck didn't come with keyless entry lol. 2002 you hurt me...
  13. lightningKILLER

    Looking for OEM parts

    Ya I was just researching that! Prob be my path. This 02 unit works great, it does have a tape player!
  14. lightningKILLER

    Looking for OEM parts

    Andys on the hunt for some of it lol
  15. lightningKILLER

    Looking for OEM parts

    Hey guys, bought a 02 sport QC for a work truck. I need the following parts: Head lights Tail lights Grill inserts-chrome Heated/electric mirrors CD player with aux. if they made it.. Lol Thanks! Dan I'm on mobile.. She may be upside down lol
  16. lightningKILLER

    Back in action

    she's beautiful. A lot of hard work paying off
  17. lightningKILLER

    Any old timers still here??

    Owned 3 so first 05 only had 3k miles on it. Wish I still had that one!
  18. lightningKILLER

    Parts yard sale!

    I see parts of my old girl lol. GLWS Andy!