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  1. BlackKnight

    2006 Dodge Ram SRT-10 Quad Cab - Night Runner Edition

    Here is the link to my walk-around video on YouTube:
  2. BlackKnight

    2006 Dodge Ram SRT-10 Quad Cab - Night Runner Edition

    I have finally decided to sell my truck. I am the original-owner of 2006 Dodge Ram SRT-10 Quad Cab, #367 of 400 of the special edition Night Runner models. This truck was purchased brand-new in Southern California, garage kept for the majority of its life and has never seen snow or salt. It has...
  3. BlackKnight

    Anyone try a pedal box or Sprint Booster?

    Lets try and liven this place up a bit with a new thread! I've heard about pedal commanders, pedal boxes, Sprint Boosters etc improving throttle response on vehicles and wondered if anyone has tried it on our trucks. Obviously no HP improvement, but perhaps more fun off the line. I'll post a...
  4. BlackKnight

    OEM Carbon Fiber steering wheel?

    If anyone is looking to add carbon fiber and/or custom stitching to their steering wheel, no matter the vehicle, check out They are out in irvine and do a lot of high-end cars (lambos, porsches, ferrari) but also other vehicles. Top notch work!
  5. BlackKnight

    Double Din

    I went with the Kenwood DNX573S and really like it. Screen quality is nice, plays DVD's (but not Blu-rays), apple car play already installed and I can connect my phone to the unit with either bluetooth or USB cable and apple lightning port to USB adapter. Microphone picks up my voice nicely so I...
  6. BlackKnight

    Spark plug change interval

    This thread came up at just the right time; it prompted me to finally change my spark plugs at 78,000+ miles. Truck has been running great but I had some time off. Went with the Champions ultimately. The pics show the old plugs c/t the new ones. The other pics shows all the old plugs with the...
  7. BlackKnight

    Heated Seats Blinking

    It can mean several different things, depending on whether the top or bottom light is blinking. If you do a search in the forum you will find it; I have the same problem with my driver side seat. I would start by checking all the wires and connectors to make sure none of the wires are exposed or...
  8. BlackKnight

    Tailgate back-up camera

    Its a 2006 and the deck is a Kenwood DNX573S
  9. BlackKnight

    Tailgate back-up camera

    Just installed this Master Tailgaters tailgate handle backup camera and really happy with the look and video resolution. Took...
  10. BlackKnight

    Valentine 1 install w/ Invisicord

    You can check the serial # of your valentine 1 on the company's website to see if its upgradeable. You can then send it in to them; I think they have a upgrade that decreases the amount of "junk" it picks up Rottenronnie, glad my pics helped you out!
  11. BlackKnight

    Painted door handles

    I've seen them on that site too. What I want to know if whether smooth plastic or metal handles would look better, last longer, etc.
  12. BlackKnight

    Painted door handles

    Hey guys, I'm looking at paint-matching all the door handles and tailgate handle. After talking to a few shops around me, all of the said that the textured handles currently on the truck would either need to be smoothed (extra cost) or the paint would not look as good. So for those of you...
  13. BlackKnight

    Steering wheel

    It was awhile ago for sure; within a few years after purchasing the truck
  14. BlackKnight

    Valentine 1 install w/ Invisicord

    I purchased my mount from Valentine Radar Mounts 10 years ago. A quick glance at their site does not show the same mount I have but several different others.
  15. BlackKnight

    Steering wheel

    I replaced mine through the dealership under warranty when the same thing was happening with the leather
  16. BlackKnight

    Steering wheel

    What about this one?
  17. BlackKnight

    Valentine 1 install w/ Invisicord

    After doing some research on other ways to power my valentine 1, I decided to go with the Invisicord (Invisicord Products Home Page). I went with the #I01EVB with an 8in length, added fuse and the standard connector type. Paid just over $20 including shipping. Really easy to install and I've...
  18. BlackKnight

    Overhead console accessory power problem

    Hey everyone, I've been running power to my valentine 1 radar detector from the accessory outlets in the overhead console for 10yrs. These outlets look like a phone jack or LAN cable connection. Sent the V1 in for repairs and once I got it back, remounted it and connected it back to the...
  19. BlackKnight

    Need Valentine 1 cigarette power adapter

    I threw my original one out a long time ago and now I'm in need of another one. I was powering the unit from the console but I think the accessory outlets inside the overhead console don't work. While I'm trying to figure out why, I figured I would get the adapter so I could still my unit. The...