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  8. Sherman


    I need the entire hood scoop bezel. It just came off the hood while driving down the interstate. BTW, it is something that needs to be checked ever so often...I looked at the mounting of the scoop bezel on my SRT10 and it was close to falling off as well. If you have one laying around...let...
  9. Sherman

    oem ram srt 10 hoods for sale thread

    Does anyone have a (04-05 DODGE RAM 1500 SRT HOOD SCOOP MOLDING BEZEL OEM NEW MOPAR PART # YL23TZZAB) My scoop molding of my 2007 Regency SRT came out of my hood while driving the other night. I checked on the SRT10 and only one stud remaining...I see I would've lost it also if I didn't get...
  10. Sherman

    Plastidipped ACR stripe to see if I liked it.

    BTW...Loving my snakebite exhaust!
  11. Sherman

    Plastidipped ACR stripe to see if I liked it.

    Scott it looks great. Gives some flare to your truck!
  12. Sherman

    My Viper Build *Pic Heavy*

    It's beautiful! Awesome Viper
  13. Sherman

    Another rim question

    I have been looking in to this for a while now and prob the best deal I have found is Discount Tire. They will take the wheels off at their local shop and send them off to have them chromed for you saving you any shipping costs. The price I got was right at 1500.00 for all four wheels and a...
  14. Sherman

    Dayton Wheels

    Yes Daytons on everything except the Camaro. Cadillac escalade in the background as well. As far as being harsh...I kinda knew where it was gonna go before I posted it. lol
  15. Sherman

    Dayton Wheels

    Ha, I was sure of the outcome of the response to the question. Honestly not far from my own response when I first saw it.
  16. Sherman

    Dayton Wheels

    I only meant that they should have put chrome wheels on the trucks off the line...Or was it an option and most just didn't want the extra expense? BTW, you're right to correct me on my wording so I fixed it
  17. Sherman

    Dayton Wheels

    LOL, It's not my truck...Mine is red and the only change I will make in my wheels is chrome viper wheels to replace the alloy. The truck actually looks better in person but I'm personally not a Dayton man and IMHO think the viper wheels are the best looking for our trucks.
  18. Sherman

    Dayton Wheels

    Ok, here is the first 10 I've seen with Dayton Wheels. The truck is beautiful and the wheels are beautiful so you would think it would only be a perfect match...The wheels are 22/10 and just swapped the Nitto tires from the OEM rims. What's your opinion do you like it or not?
  19. Sherman

    The Official Exhaust Sound Clip Thread

    Here is my new Snakebite Exhaust Vid. Lots of fun to make some noise :rock:
  20. Sherman

    Best lowering kit?

    Thanks, that is exactly what I don't want (the dragging ass look). :burnout: Was looking at pics last night and no doubt that the 2/3 drop gives the best stance for the RC truck.