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  1. 358ciHD

    Sorry I've been gone

    Hey Dom its Aaron.... I am so sorry to hear that. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Aaron
  2. 358ciHD


    Hey Rick, Do you have that $500.00 Thanks Aaron
  3. 358ciHD

    November VTCOA TOTM *** VOTE NOW ***

    Rick, You got my vote!
  4. 358ciHD

    i went lower pics!!

    looks good
  5. 358ciHD

    We Lost A True Legend Yesterday, Joe Mondello

    Was he on Hot Rod TV doing the 455 rocket work?
  6. 358ciHD

    Texas Motor Speeway vid at 110mph

    Pretty is that new tranny working out?
  7. 358ciHD

    Fastest Dodge Ram in the USA!

    This is not an OEM SRT so WTF?
  8. 358ciHD


    Get with PhoenixPoolguy he has a set or know where my old ones were the guy didn't use...... Probably can score them CHEAP!
  9. 358ciHD

    Batram, Meet BatBronco

    What a Waste of a good Ford Bronco....
  10. 358ciHD

    FORD GT......

    I have not seen any good deals on used mainly becuase most people paid 200K for theirs becuase of stipid dealer mark ups. Since some dealers still have these your best bet is finding one to sell new for your target price. Loan Star Ford in Houston had a used one awhile back....not sure if it...
  11. 358ciHD

    Aftermarket 22" wheels and tires for sale with matching spare

    Sorry the only pic I have is the one on my truck. I have removed these for the time being gotta pay a huge tax bill!
  12. 358ciHD

    Aftermarket 22" wheels and tires for sale with matching spare

    These would make a nice addition to your truck. I have a Black set of 22's now going for the Silver and black theme!
  13. 358ciHD

    Black OEM SRT10 Hood for sale

    It looks just like any old SRT10 hood! if you are interested shoot em a pm with your contact info. Thanks for looking.