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  1. Final GTS

    Hypothetical Question

    I dont see anything out of the ordinary here. A/C pumps heat in front of the radiator, heater core removes heat from the cooling system. Of course, you are going to see lower engine temps when the A/C is off and the heat is on. Both A/C on and off have the same fan target temp, which is 200...
  2. Final GTS


    If you are in no hurry, I believe I have a set of G3 heads up in NY, and can ship with gaskets and all that to get it back on the road. I wont be back up in NY until August however.
  3. Final GTS

    Problem with My 05

    Dude... They are lying to you. Accept it. I could go down the list of my qualifications for stating that they are full of shit and explain exactly why, but we don't have that kind of time lol I will just leave it as... "I design this shit for a living" Get your truck out of there and dont...
  4. Final GTS

    Problem with My 05

    Yeah. Right. First, generally a coil failure will damage the PCM. Or, the PCM failed and took out the coil. Total chicken/egg scenario. To add insult to injury, often the failed PCM will damage the new coil and vice versa, and you end up going roundy-round because techs are too lazy to...
  5. Final GTS

    Problem with My 05

    well thats interesting... considering thats basically impossible. The coil packs are not divided by driver/passenger. Each coil handles two cylinders, one driver and one passenger. If you have no spark on one whole bank, you have no spark on either... and the chances of having all bad coils is...
  6. Final GTS

    Need help with my srt10 problem with the dealership

    My head hurts after reading this thread. Not sure if trolling, twelve years old, or just unbelievably confused. But for what its worth, I would be more than willing to help solve this problem... provided you pay in advance!
  7. Final GTS

    Over heating

    Doesn't work that way. Taking a thermostat out will absolutely result in overheating. Path of least resistance is NOT through the radiator. Give it a choice... and it isn't taking that path!
  8. Final GTS

    Computer issue

    You should be scanning those modules to see if the codes are real, or if the dashboard is... full of shit. My guess is that there is a communication issue.
  9. Final GTS

    Newish parts

    Ehhhh... I am staying out of this one, but... no I don't sell anything with regard to "Demon Coils" or similar just to clarify. And do I recommend them? Nope. I have seen no evidence that there is a voltage issue on the OEM dual towers that can be reasonably solved... it is a design issue...
  10. Final GTS

    Computer issue

    Three points; 1. The Fan isnt controlled by the TIPM in the first damn place. 2. The Fan is Hydraulic and PCM controlled via a PWM signal. A relay ain't gonna do it guys. 3. I spoke to this customer. From the sounds of it, this is an an instrumentation failure, an issue with the cluster, or...
  11. Final GTS

    SCT x2 9550

    Who the hell are you again? I will remember that next time I invest my time into producing something to keep your truck on the road when nobody else will. Don't want to pay my prices? Then shop elsewhere. I never claimed to be the cheapest game in town, nor would I ever want to be. The...
  12. Final GTS

    2006 TIMP

    2005's do not have TIPM's. They have a PDC + FCM configuration. Completely different components, and not at all comparable.
  13. Final GTS

    2006 TIMP

    We are the ones who reman and reproduce the PCM's.. but long story short, the TIPM's make a bad business case. I have sold LOTS of them, but nobody ever sent the cores back for some reason. As a result, we only have about a half-dozen cores. That is not nearly enough to justify the hassle of...
  14. Final GTS

    Anyone have any Good... or Bad '06 TIPM's?

    Wow... nothing out there guys? Really?
  15. Final GTS

    Anyone have any Good... or Bad '06 TIPM's?

    As the title implies, we are looking into remanufacturing the TIPM's for the 2006's. As everyone knows, they have been hard to get for a while, but now even we are sold out of good ones. As such, an impending market supply problem is on the horizon. That said, if anyone has any laying...
  16. Final GTS

    Long Shot: 2006 Ram SRT-10 Manual Engine Wiring Harness

    No problem. I am still in need of this harness if anyone else has anything kicking around who I have not yet talked with or am currently waiting to hear back from...
  17. Final GTS

    Long Shot: 2006 Ram SRT-10 Manual Engine Wiring Harness

    Still waiting to hear back from both of you guys...?
  18. Final GTS

    Long Shot: 2006 Ram SRT-10 Manual Engine Wiring Harness

    Yeah, total long shot. Does anyone have a 2006 Manual Engine Wiring Harness kicking around? Or, even an Auto version worst case? Perhaps someone bought an engine that came with one and ended up with two. Let me know what you have kicking around...
  19. Final GTS


    Have you contacted me? I have gotten a slew of emails all of a sudden, so I am not sure.