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  1. yellowfever#154

    Water/Methanol Injection

    I have a Aquamist HFS-3 setup with a custom tank that fits perfectly behind the passenger seat in the plastic tray. Aquamist is a top player in the water injection game. Paid $1200.00 for it new, Id sell it for $500.00. Email me as I dont come her often anymore. tyler at pentagonfarm dot com
  2. yellowfever#154

    FS: JMB Catch Can

    SOLD, thanks guys.
  3. yellowfever#154

    FS: JMB Catch Can

    Used JMB catch can, black in color. No hoses included, just the can. $50 + shipping. SRT-10 Oil Catch Can - JMB Performance and Powdercoat, LLC E-mail me as I dont come on that often anymore. [email protected]
  4. yellowfever#154

    2004 front calipers 18k Mike take offs

    2004 calipers are a good swap for someone with a 05/06 wanting to run a smaller wheel. This is what I did to fit the Bogart wheels on my 05.
  5. yellowfever#154

    S1 Sequential Shifter Now Available

    Ive talked with Mr.Pfitzner himself and to convert a the first 4 gears of a T56 to sequential you need about 25k USD, and this is less the electronic controllers.
  6. yellowfever#154

    S1 Sequential Shifter Now Available

    they were just released and I doubt anyone here has dropped the cash for one. Even if they have they wont have shipped yet.
  7. yellowfever#154

    oil line

    You are incorrect with that statement. Using a good quality electric fan (JMB Justins) and a good quality fan controller, electric is a better option.
  8. yellowfever#154

    S1 Sequential Shifter Now Available

    We have had some discussion about this shifter in the past. I just received a email that it is now available for purchase. $2650 AUD, $210 AUD for the Gear indicator, and $195 AUD for the Gear Position Sensor. Ive always said that I would buy one and try it when the time came, but the...
  9. yellowfever#154

    Red Deer GTG

    It made 943 HP & 1118 FT LBS a few weeks back.
  10. yellowfever#154

    Canada to US Import???

    With the dollar the way it is, its worth the hassle. I have experience crossing the border the other way (US into CA) and its pretty straight forward.
  11. yellowfever#154

    Red Deer GTG

    Heres a picture that Tracey took of us all....
  12. yellowfever#154

    Stock cooling fan and shroud

    I have one, but shipping to you would be horrendous.
  13. yellowfever#154

    Evans Coolant

    I wont use anything but in my hot rods and we have multiple diesels at work that are now using it.
  14. yellowfever#154

    SCT Liveload X2 Software

    Anyone who needs it I have it, let me know and I can share if needed.
  15. yellowfever#154

    SCT Liveload X2 Software

    Where the heck do I download this software from? SCT doesnt have it on there website, they have a program called SCT Device Updater that doesnt want to talk to my device.
  16. yellowfever#154

    Slow to fire up when cold

    I'd say fuel pressure issue. Try to key on, let sit for a few seconds, key off, key back on and wait for a few seconds, key off, key back on for a few seconds and then try to start. if it fires right away its a fuel pressure issue.
  17. yellowfever#154

    Need rear end advice

    Call Justin and order a complete rear axle and call it a day....
  18. yellowfever#154

    Fuel pressure regulator

    It is a C. Next time Im out in the shed Id take a current picture of it. Looks nothing like a Rocker (thank god), but thats what 25k in upgrades will do...
  19. yellowfever#154

    Fuel pressure regulator

    Good eye! Its a highly modified Rocker. Since this photo is has had new wheels installed and is tough to recognize as a Rocker.
  20. yellowfever#154

    Upper Radiator hose came off

    I dont understand this "Viper Tech" certified stuff. Because the block has two extra holes in it they need to be certified? Maybe they just make sure that the "Viper Tech" isnt a complete idiot and actually has a basic understanding of being a technician?