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  1. scottrobinson

    Grant Revolution Wheel

    How much?
  2. scottrobinson


    Looking to get some hydrodipping done on these interior pieces can't decide between the carbon fiber or snake skin
  3. scottrobinson

    Sct tuner 9550

    Wish I seen this 2 days ago just bought a used one for $150 to find out its locked an missing the cord to connect to the pc:banghead:
  4. scottrobinson

    drilled/slotted rotor suggestions

    Performance Brake Rotors | Brake Pads & More Brake Parts |
  5. scottrobinson

    How to remove receiver hitch?

    grinder or torch should do the trick
  6. scottrobinson

    Happy Birthday!

    My baby turns 11 at 1 PM today with 100'000km, I'am so glad to own one of the most bad ass trucks ever made.
  7. scottrobinson


    Had plans on going but they only allow 200 vehicles newer then 2000 to enter in the show, was a hellcat there?
  8. scottrobinson


    My friend asked me if he could use my truck for his wedding
  9. scottrobinson

    pulley question

    Alrighty thanks
  10. scottrobinson

    pulley question

    Can you just change the pulley or is it going to be the whole thing? Can you get one from local parts store
  11. scottrobinson

    pulley question

    Starting to get a squeeling noise from a pulley, took the belt off found out which one it is, can anyone tell me what pulley is under the idler and above the crank?
  12. scottrobinson

    Wanted. Some appearance mods

    honey comb grill any 02-05 will fit an SRT badge from dealer $100 well spent
  13. scottrobinson

    Need some help

    Thanks for the help
  14. scottrobinson

    Need some help

    Yes the small one coming from the T
  15. scottrobinson

    Need some help

    Vacuum line?
  16. scottrobinson

    Need some help

    Cleaning up the engine bay an this small line cracked, what exactly is it
  17. scottrobinson

    The new VTCoA traveling banner is here!!!!!

    Banner is mailed out to Pete
  18. scottrobinson

    The new VTCoA traveling banner is here!!!!!

    Sent sky406 a message for his address as he is next on the list, but if someone that is going to the Ohio meet wants it pm me your address if that's cool?
  19. scottrobinson

    The new VTCoA traveling banner is here!!!!!

    Hey sorry been a crazy week an weather hasn't been nice for a picture I'll send it monday