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  1. Roz

    need 1 good engine rod

    I got one in the garage. It's from Bone's old engine. . .
  2. Roz

    Black1 is now an admin.

    HOTDAMN!!!!!!!!!! :toilet: :toilet: :toilet: :toilet:
  3. Roz

    Raced an SS Camaro

    :toilet: :burnout::driver:
  4. Roz

    Grudge Matches for PCB.

    I don't/wont have any major mods - but I'll have just enough. ;) Please refer to the sentence above! :toilet: You're right. Sleep tight. ;) :D I'm confused . . . How is it considered rape? :dontknow: :driver:
  5. Roz

    Grudge Matches for PCB.

    I'd like to put a yellow-stripe down the (lower) side of a Viper Truck! :D :D :D :D
  6. Roz

    Happy Birthday Roz

    Thank you guys!! You took, f*ckface! :D
  7. Roz

    What to expect from a 06 RC

    My 06 dyno'd very well. I was extremely pleased. Mine laid down 460/495. The only mods I had were modified air-box, no-cats and bullet exhaust.It didn't even have a tune either. I think I lucked out and got ahold of factory freak! Jimi's Dyno Pull
  8. Roz

    Race in Chattanooga Tn. / North Ga. Saturday 11/19/11

    You guys won't be disappointed! This is a fun event for an awesome cause! I've never competed, I've always watched - and it's a BLAST to watch. If I can get off Saturday (usually my busiest day too) I'll be there - watching.
  9. Roz

    Fog Lights

    They're the same, but you'll find that the TIPM (2006 only) doesn't like the lower voltage. I put some HID's in my fog-lights and the TIPM sensed the lower volted and eliminated the output signal to the fog-light circuit. I ended up putting the fog-lights on an independant switch to cure the...
  10. Roz

    Congratulations 1TONY1!

    That is hilarious!!! Tony's pool-boy drinkin' on the job!
  11. Roz

    (TN) 2006 F350 Super Duty Lariat FX4 $20k

    Sorry bud. :o There's a couple nice ones out there!
  12. Roz

    (TN) 2006 F350 Super Duty Lariat FX4 $20k

    Sold it on the Powerstroke forum . . .
  13. Roz

    (TN) 2006 F350 Super Duty Lariat FX4 $20k

    Got it! Thanks! :) I actually got it from a friend of mine. The day I took delivery the rear seat area was almost full from the floor to the ceiling. I could bare see out the back glass and worried of shit crashing on my head if I braked too hard! Thanks! I really do like this truck a lot...
  14. Roz

    Houston, TX Members - Need a Favor

    I need a vehicle inspected in Houston, TX. PM me for details! I'll make sure you're compensated for your time/travel. ;) :rock: :rock: :rock:
  15. Roz

    (TN) 2006 F350 Super Duty Lariat FX4 $20k

    It has a transplanted iron-block 408.
  16. Roz

    (TN) 2006 F350 Super Duty Lariat FX4 $20k

    Thanks Jack AND Jake!!! (Happy birthday BTW, Jake!!!) You shoulda seen it when I bought it!! The interior was NASTY. (Quite literally!) But spread the word up north there Jake. This has ZERO rust! I've been confronted to buy a H/C/I/n20/408 Z06 at a KILLER price. So, this baby has to go. If it...
  17. Roz

    (TN) 2006 F350 Super Duty Lariat FX4 $20k

    Thanks man. If anyone sends me a buyer I'll GLADLY give you a finder's fee!
  18. Roz

    (TN) 2006 F350 Super Duty Lariat FX4 $20k

    (TN) 2006 Ford F350 Super Duty Lariat FX4 $20k Up for sale is my 2006 Ford Super Duty F350 (not F250) Lariat FX4 - Single Rear Wheel - Crew Cab - Short Bed 131,500 highway miles - been daily driven since new - mileage will increase approx 20/30 miles/day 6.0L Powerstroke Diesel - 100% STOCK -...
  19. Roz

    RIP Todd Smith "tsmith3"

    Wow. What a sad and tragic loss!!! RIP Todd.