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  1. Yellow Devil

    Thanks for the hook up!

    Thanks for the hook up!
  2. Yellow Devil

    Meet and greet

    Seriously? I might schlep down for that.
  3. Yellow Devil

    Whats up VTCOA.

    Cool trucks. Welcome to the group.
  4. Yellow Devil


    Man, I'd like that ride but yeah, maybe not the BEST place to sell it.
  5. Yellow Devil


    Who am I? I'm just... me.
  6. Yellow Devil


    'sup!?! :burnout:
  7. Yellow Devil

    Dodge Demon

    You still can't outrun radio coordination. :P
  8. Yellow Devil

    Snow Day Fun!

    Here's a couple more shots that my wife took. :) The roads were nice and clear until you went off the freeway. The SRT10's recommended tires don't seem so hot on ice... who knew??
  9. Yellow Devil

    Snow Day Fun!

    Took the SRT10 (and the wife, lol) on a trip up the hill yesterday! Ain't no truck as happy as a dirty truck, hahahaha! Couldn't find any empty snowy parking lots for donuts sadly.
  10. Yellow Devil

    January TOTM nominations vote now!!!

    Three SUPER TRICK trucks this month! Had to throw in for my yellow brethren. Most of Nuke's mods read like my wish list!
  11. Yellow Devil

    January TOTM nominations vote now!!!

    Do you work at Aperture Science? :burnout:
  12. Yellow Devil

    Remove heater raster ?

    I have a busted one too. Super lame. The vent just pries out tho, pretty easy.
  13. Yellow Devil

    Newb Cincinnati Ohio

    Welcome to the forum. Get yourself a truck and let the fun begin. :burnout:
  14. Yellow Devil

    Misused QC

    Doesn't look too bad. Just throw like a 05 hemi grill and bumper on and make yourself a sleeper! :burnout:
  15. Yellow Devil

    Slight change

    New key fob? :D
  16. Yellow Devil

    November TOTM

    I can't figure out how to vote, but I'd throw for SRT2SLOW. The black trucks had their run last month. One of these months I'll have my shit looking good and we can see if yellow stands a chance. :burnout:
  17. Yellow Devil

    Wanted: Front license plate mount 2004-2005 style

    Aaaaaaaaaand I got one, thanks to another forum member. Thanks guys. :D
  18. Yellow Devil

    Viper Truck Boneyard! Whatcha need?

    I need the parts that hold the rear license plate lights in place, passenger side inner air vent, dividers in the center console, the center console lid, if it's clean. Possibly the factory stereo deck? My truck has what looks like a nice deck out of a different chrysler vehicle and alot of the...
  19. Yellow Devil

    WTB SRT10 quad cab

    Nice looking one in Reno: Another one in Denver but it has alot more mods:
  20. Yellow Devil


    Those are gonna look INSANE. Congrats, and GLWS.