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  1. kickinassrt-10

    Intake and Battery Tray 4 Sale

    Going through storage and I found some parts. ~Stock air intake box and tube ~Stock Battery Tray Make offer. Email [email protected] or text 954 347 03 74
  2. kickinassrt-10

    WTF was he thinking???

    Unfortunately the market doesn't care what type of truck it is or how special it may be. I just went through over a year of trying to sell my truck and deals falling through....started at $23k (which it should go for) but ended up letting it go for $17k. It's a niche market that likes these...
  3. kickinassrt-10

    Few Parts for Sale SCT, Intake, Resonators

    The SCT tuner is ready for use. It has 3 box tunes that will work on any of the QC Trucks. The tunes are from Unleashed Tuning.
  4. kickinassrt-10

    Few Parts for Sale SCT, Intake, Resonators

    I sold my truck a few weeks ago. It was a sad day however I don't miss going to the gas station anymore:p I have a few parts left over I'm looking to sell. 1) SCT Tuner with 3 tunes and 2 more vehicle unlocks available. Dyno'd around 440HP and 490TQ. Could be better more with custom tune...
  5. kickinassrt-10

    FS: 2005 SRT-10 Silver & Black

    Thank you! I may be able to help you get a hauler! :D
  6. kickinassrt-10

    FS: 2005 SRT-10 Silver & Black

    Truck has 90K miles which mostly is highway. It has been very well maintained and well cared for. All routine maintenance and services have been performed with receipts. Clean Carfax report. 2nd owner with original window sticker. Truck has power train warranty for engine, transmission, drive...
  7. kickinassrt-10

    305/45/zr22 tires and pinion update

    Damn couple days short on that...Man everyone down here checked and could not get them....
  8. kickinassrt-10

    New owner.. sunroof question

    They sound more like the angry dump truck,, as my wife calls Diesels whine this truck is straight attitude....
  9. kickinassrt-10

    305/45/zr22 tires and pinion update

    Damn how you find Conti Cross Contact? I looked all over and every warehouse or tire shop around here is sold out and can't get them anymore. I ended up going with Firestone Destination which happen to be just as good, in my driving conditions, as the Conti's in my opinion!
  10. kickinassrt-10

    F/S 2005 SRT-10 QC $19,200

    Thanks guys. I'm in no hurry to sell plus it's got 88K on her now. Mainly highway miles that will show because interior is very clean and the exterior is an 9 of 10. It is tip top mechanically and well cared for still.....actually going for another oil change tomorrow. Runs, dirves, shifts...
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    F/S 2005 SRT-10 QC $19,200

    PRICE DROP $18,300
  12. kickinassrt-10

    F/S 2005 SRT-10 QC $19,200

    Bump....I was offered a trade for 06 SRT-8 magnum rebuilt plus $4k debating offer but rather sell outright!
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    Sweet ride! BMW is a drivers car. So much fun to drive!
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    F/S 2005 SRT-10 QC $19,200

    Still on the market! Keep an ear out for anyone looking. Just got an oil change again, wax and engine cleaning
  15. kickinassrt-10

    Boat Gurus?

    -Not too much into skiing anymore but if you like anything besides skiing like fishing or diving then a center console outboard would work great. I used to ski off the back of a jetboat and it was fun because of the sharp turns but the flatter bottoms of ski boats will give you a rough ride in...
  16. kickinassrt-10

    #4 Lightning KILL

    Sweet races. Why are some of the L owners such pussies when it comes to racing. Just strap on your balls and accept a loss. Go over to their side and they all bitch and have excuses like waaaa he didn't have DR, waaaa he jumped, waaaa it's a only got a pulley, waaaa you have an SRT. All I hear...
  17. kickinassrt-10

    Wing Paint Job

    Does look good. I've always been toying with the idea to get my wing painted black. It looks good.
  18. kickinassrt-10

    Lightning Kill #5 :)

    Way to rep Venomous. Glad you had some fun and that the L guy was pretty cool too
  19. kickinassrt-10

    Gotta do it...

    The dealership will low ball you and carmax isn't much better. Been down that road already, since I'm in the same boat as you. Sell yours and you can get mine:p