Any secrets when replacing spark plug wires?

I learn something new every day!! So much more to spark plug wires than one could imagine :D
When it comes to plug wires ,, it’s all about the length , thickness and shape of the rubber boots :cool:
Also if you can magnetize the sockets or tips so they don't fall under the intake it'll be 6 less trips to buy more tools
Agree ,, and all those interest Bugs under the intake won’t be able to eat the bolts and tools that disappear when the fall under the manifold. :cool:
Look , I took a pic of the farting Miata hahah

Red no less - that's the only thing going for it! Hahahaha!!
Perverted attention is what they think gets them attention.. all about sexual perversions .

I really don't care one way or another about LGBTQ or any other groups.
Just don't try to force me to accept it, if I don't think the same way.

Whatever blows your hair back...
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