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    Jun 3, 2012
    I knew the second I walked out of that dealership and jumped in that new Challenger I was going to regret trading in my 10 some day. Turns out some day was about 10-15 minutes later on the long drive home. Since then I have told my wife "I should have never gotten rid of my truck" at least once every 2-3 days and she just rolls her eyes. I would peek around Cargurus and, browse eBay, and check Marketplace hoping to find one that was the one. Then 2 weeks ago I found a '06, exactly like my truck but with half the miles mine had on it. I started jumping in excitement but was met with a "Sorry it's been sold and is awaiting pick-up", every day that truck would drive around my head. DING!!!! My phone goes off Thursday "That seller fell through are you still interested" and 30 minutes later I was headed down the interstate on a 3 hour trip to check it out. I finally got to bring her home Monday! I'm back baby and I'm going to savor every minute of it. '06 QC, 47,000, everything is mint except for a few paint spots, and still has the plastic wrap on the carpet that was suppose to be removed by the dealer!

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    Recently bought that 2019 Challenger T/A and the wife asked if I was going to trade in my truck as part of the deal...aahhh no dear but your Cherokee the time she had figured what was going on was a done deal...:eek:.
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    Hope she likes the new ride
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