Black 24" Replica Wheels with tires, Trade for Factory 22"??

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    I recently purchased an 06" QC and it came with these black 24" replica wheels with 295/35R24 tires that the previous owner put on, the tires are in decent shape. They're nice wheels, just not my taste. I would like to put the truck back to stock and Im looking for a set of factory 22x10 Speedline wheels. I did check with the previous owner and asked if he still had the original set and he didn't. So, the hunt for factory wheels begins....

    They don't have to have tires for the trade as long as the wheels are decent and not majorly damaged, normal wear is fine. I know its probably a long shot, but you never know unless you ask right?

    If you don't want to trade but have a factory set of wheels for sale, please drop me a line, thanks.

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