Merry Christmas to all


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May 15, 2009
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Wacko Waco,TX
Hope everyone had a safe, joyous Christmas.
And as always, my yearly Christmas poem :driver:

'Twas the night before Christmas and I got caught at the light,

next to a Ford Lightning and no cops in sight,

I will try, I will try with my V10 NA motor,

To beat this Lightning, even with it's ported Eaton Blower,

As the light goes green and I pull like no joke,

The Lightning next to me disappears in clouds of tire smoke,

Now Smasher, now Revver, now Stoker, now Blitzin,

These are just 4 of the names of my 10 Mopar pistons,

Racing ahead I'm the star of the action,

And he knows he's in trouble when that big truck gets traction,

Grabbing second, I hear the RPM sing,

My rear view mirror is blocked by my wing,

I now hear the roar, of that Eaton blower whining,

Doing all I can do , to eat his lunch like dining.

In a second, the shockwave hits with a blast,

And his feeling of winning now a thing of the past,

Don't bother with third, cause we really won't need it,

Just try to act cool, like you knew you would beat it.

Looking up at my taillights as they got smaller,

I let him catch up to give me a holler,

"You can't win 'em all," he said with a wave,

"But money for a Viper engine I will save"

I smile and rev my V10 as I pulled out of sight,

Oh Santa please bring me a contender, to put up a fight!

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Merry Christmas Scott
Merry Christmas. Here's one I have on the back of my front door to my house. As I lay rubber down the street, I pray for traction I can keep, but if I spin and begin to slide, please dear God protect my ride.
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Merry Christmas to all:rock::rock::rock:

& a most excellent 2016:rock::burnout::rock: