Random Shots Red List Racing at Famoso Aug 18 2018

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    Trainman gets some audience reaction....

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    My CTSV launch is at the 5:00 minute mark. Frustrating day, very hot (103 degrees) at 7pm, race was supposed to be limited cars, racing from 6pm till midnight, I arrived at 5:30, made my first pass at 9:30.

    On the video at the 5 minute mark, I do a burn out, purge the nitrous (small 70 shot), launch at 4,000, over rev, but hit 2nd gear and went into reduced power mode.

    Had to wait until 1am to make my 2nd pass, they kept it open because of so many cars in the staging lanes, I got in line at 10:45 for my second run.....got to run at 1pm....total shit race.

    There were 3 Demon Challengers there, the best one was the red one, one seat, ran 10.09 @ 134mph

    My second pass, I short shifted at 6,000 out of 1st gear, made clean shifts and ran
    10.474 @ 136.55. DA was well above 3,000'.

    My previous best in December, (much cooler) was 10.29 @ 140.55

    I'm waiting for cooler weather to take the SRT-10 and CTSV back out. Clutch is fixed in the SRT-10, feels real good. More in a few months.