Where can I purchase a Metric Adjustable Open End Wrench?

Just kidding,
But now that I’ve got your attention, why can’t I find the torque measurements for the Inner Tye Rod in the 2005 service manual?
I’ve search on “Inner Tye Rod” and only a few items come up, but not the torque values.
If you find them, can you tell me the page you found them, and what words you used to find them.
Also, when you changed the inner rod, did you cut the factory binding clamp on the large rubber sleeve? I was trying to open it up
with a screwdriver but it broke. Now I’m wondering if everyone just uses a common screw clamp.
btw: I have no doubt that someone will not read this area, and will pounce on the subject. I just can’t wait to see he answers…
got my attention, LMAO

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