Me and my buddy Jake at the Clarksville, TN 1/8 mile track

Me and my buddy Jake at the Clarksville, TN 1/8 mile track

That truck on the right looks sexy! You should see the new grill. Whats up Jason.
Hey bro hell yeah your truck is nice man, love those black 2 door 10's. I'll be back late May or so. Will be moving apartments but still within the same apartment complex, just a bigger one. I've got some big things going to happen with the truck this summer! What's going on with you?
Dude I'm moving in the beginning of June dude to Fort Rucker. I can't you PMs for some reason it says I don't have privileges. I changed the grill out in my truck it looks bad ass man. What are you doing to yours when you get back. I met another dude here with a black QC, his name is Sean I'll give you his info so you can meet up. Dude whats your facebook name son?
Getting a cam installed, headers, catless mid pipes, catback exhaust, throttle body, lowering kit, probably a built tranny, full tuning. Yeah hook me up that guy's info. Jason Canady is my facebook name, it's a picture of me.

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