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  • I have an 05 QC with Paxton. Talked to tony as I was looking to run mid elevens maybe even high tens and was curious what advice you would have. He recommended I talk to you also I sent him a full build sheet of my motor and didn't know if you would be interested in it yourself, I trying to figure out how much boost I can safely run on this setup. Thanks for any and all help or advice. Tim Smith
    Hey buddy whats up? Ordered my air fuel ration and gauge pod yesterday. I am still in seatlle. been two months here. cant wait to get home. Call you when I get back. Have fun it PC.
    Why you changed your name. I am gonna be back in town by next weekend. This weekend I am in Erie Pa. working. So I will talk at you when I get back.
    yea no problem need a hand? I am working in Amelia and get off around 5 to head back home to Laplace. I could stop in if needed to help you. Just call me. My SCT is supposed to be here. I have to order some tunes from Roe and have them emailed to me tomorrow. Talk to ya later.
    Ok brother, did not make it back on Friday. Got home Sunday. Gonna go to NP if the weather is good saturday night. Gonna get the boys to bring there srt 10's out. Two single cab's. Will be fun to race the truck. Yes i want to run mine and see what it will do. Sct will be here tomorrow. Got to order some tunes from Torrie. Got his email? Is this who you got yours from?Talk to ya later.
    comin back in on friday. goin to see world of outlaws sprint cars race, at pike county speedway. I will pass the pictures I took from saturday night when I figure out how to send them to you. I may go to np on saturday night. will call ya. later.
    Yea right on will do that. I will be out of the area most of the month of Jan till sometime in Feb. Real busy at work. Working on my traction bars I am building and a ram air box that is almost finished. I have some pictures of it in my albums. Will be getting it power coated soon and get on the truck. Cant wait. What you got going on? More mods? Later.
    dude been swamped at work. Have you been out at np. heard the track has been shit since last time I was there. Been building my ram air box and almost finished with it. cant wait to get it finished and power coated. will post a picture of it.
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