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    Viper Technicians - West Coast and East Coast

    Great to know thank you.
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    This guy definitely loves to detail !

    I thought I did a bang up job on my vehicles, this guy is darn good at his detail Bz hell I learnt a few tricks from him.
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    Suspension Time

    Kiwi when you are done with the repairs, I can firmly conclude the 10 will be fine as frog hair. Fords and Monaro's BOLO lol!!!
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    Regular cab factory subwoofer

    I have seen some woofer boxes on ebay but you can try X2 builders they may have some laying around.
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    What Brake pads are you running

    Forgot to ask you if those Posi's are semi metallic I am positive my pads were semi Metallic.
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    What Brake pads are you running

    I had a guy from Israel make me some Viper Caliper Decals for front and back they make my 10 stand out.
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    What Brake pads are you running

    I have the same Posi quiet all around and they work great. Occasionally they squeak but that happens in summer.
  8. B has been updated!

    I been gone but I like the new look WTG fellas.
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    Buyer Beware

    You can also contact your local AG Office Business ethics and accountability office to get them involved they can easily reprimand him and at worst shut his @##4 down.
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    Buyer Beware

    Wow did you contact X2 builders for a OEM?
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    2004-2006 8.3L V10 FACTORY engines price?

    Have you checked with X2 builders?
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    Any Questions?

    My mom always says a dumb question is the one that goes un answered but I agree with you Ronnie it takes a lot of patience.
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    Any Questions?

    Ronnie happy new year I got a question for you. My 10 has still the original Champion spark plugs and I am fixing to change them out, Truck has just turned 70k what would you recommend manual shows Champions, which I have 10 RC 12ECC. Also how do you get to the ones in the far back? what...
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    Merry Christmas - 2023

    Merry Xmas to all 10 owners and a great 2024 for all us the damn few....