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  • Finally got some new pics for 2013. So please check out my Album and Garage. Leave any comments if you like. You'll see a White Ford in the pics, that's the wifes. It's actually pretty nice for a Ford.
    Glad to hear you finally got the lineloc, I apologize again. I'm still away until the 20th other wise I come and visit you at the rink. Dress warm the Max is our old cold rink. Be sure to message me again if your ever in town for another game.
    I recieved the switch for the lineloc. are ya home or overseas? My boy has a hockey game tonight at 6:15 in your town! at the Max Maclean arena.
    Hey ! Wazzup!! I ordered ,from JMB, a couple of switches for the linelocs. So next year we get yours installed. So don't order any. When are you back into town?
    Should be home July 13th. Taken the family on a quick holiday. Could hit the track Aug.3rd if it's open.
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