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  • LMFAO, yeah, i was too little too late again. maybe he can get me hired on for $28/hr. i am always looking for a job that is twice as hard and half the pay. what a dumbshit.
    don't wanna leave you out this time, go see the krs thread bout the dakota bitches....i put in some nice work, bro!
    I have an inferno red 4 door 29,xxx miles,with the factory bed cover and bed liner. Only modes are mopar ram-air kit and exhaust.Iam the 2nd owner and only have it for about 6 months,just not happy with an auto,4door srt-10. I had an 04 reg srt-10 but traded it for an tahoe and bought the 06 trying to replace the 04 but not happy with the truck.
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