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    What Does It Take???

    I think XF doesn't allow animated gifs in avatars. There might be an add on I could install to allow it, but I never seen one or installed one before.
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    Parts for sale

    Why are you deleting and editing a lot of your posts?
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    What Does It Take???

    Cool. I guess I messed up a setting awhile ago and missed it. Sorry about that @Wifey.
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    What Does It Take???

    Try it now @Wifey
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    I'm needing to know if its everyone or just you? What I am going to do is take down your supporting membership(temporarily) to see if its the supporting membership settings.
  6. Shaggy has been updated!

    Its an image you can upload that will show up in the background of the profile. Check on mine. Click on my username to see my pop up info and you will see an image I uploaded for the background.
  7. Shaggy has been updated!

    Is it just Wifey that is having issues or other members as well?
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    Any Questions?

    Hope not!!
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    Permissions for sale section

    Crap. Sorry, the permissions are messed up and I'll get them fixed tomorrow.
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    Any Ram TRX Owners here -

    I just started a new forum about the Ram TRX - I know alot of you guys love going fast with the SRT10s and with the Hellcat in these new TRX trucks, I figured there maybe a few of you that moved to the TRX. So I figured I'd post up a link here.
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    Amazing the value they keep. Awesome
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    Jeezis Fkn Christ......

    You planning on getting it running again with a new motor or just planning on parting it out?
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    Is this place active anymore?

    Which is crap...
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    Is this place active anymore?

    Still going. Not as active as before but hope to get the active back up sometime.
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    Project Cottonmouth

    Crazy and all the issue you had were from this little plastic part. Awesome you found it.