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  • Hey, I cant access the how to posts. I can get to the section but cant open up the threads.... any ideas?
    Wanted to see whats the possibility on keeping the timeslip for Viper trucks only or having two separate sections. I feel with you having this named VIPER TRUCKS OF AMERICA, that would make the most sense. Don't say its being worked on, we've heard that for awhile now, better off just saying its not that important to you. To some of us racers, it is, thanks
    Shaggy, Hi, I am sleepersrt10. I have been following sleepersrt-10's issues over the past few weeks. When you fixed his problems, you somehow have blocked me. I have tried to sign in several times - even changed my password to no avail. I have sent several emails to your 'contact us' at the bottom of the page with no response. So, I rejoined under 'originalsleepersrt10' with an old email address so I can contact you directly. I hope you can resolve this so I can go back to my original name, date, and member number. I am still listed as a member, so please contact me under 'sleepersrt10' membership email address. Thank you, RD
    I was just checking to see if it was to late for my truck pictures. I post some up this morning. I was having problems with the computer.
    Hi, can you tell me why is under my name "You have a hemi?"? I do not have a Hemi!

    Greetings from Stuttgart
    Just a suggestion, on the left side of each forum is an image to show if there are new posts, not very stand outish if you know what I mean.

    The image file names are "forum_old.gif" and "forum_new.gif" get a couple images of a silver truck and a red truck, resize them to the same size as the current images, rename them to forum_old.gif and forum_new.gif, then upload them to the same area as they currently reside on the server.

    I did this on my PT Cruiser web site and it makes the new and old posts stand out better.
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