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    Whats white and Blue and is mine ????

    No worries!! We appreciated your help!!:)
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    Whats white and Blue and is mine ????

    Sorry if my name threw you off, but yes I am a female! Ironhead got himself a beautiful truck and it was a pleasure to have met him. Glad you're home safely... best of luck!!;)
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    Commemative Edition

    I think the only thing scaring people away is the carfax.. made it sound alot worse than it was. Got some sand and went off the shoulder. Carfax states that the truck hit a tree.....yeah, a very small dead tree. Replaced the right wheels, bumper cover, right fender and right door...didn't...
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    Commemative Edition

    Hey! My 2005 CE #15 is still for sale!! $20,000.00 and you can own it!
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    Sold my Hayabusa

    I know where there is a 2005 CE #15 for sale!;)
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    Putting the SRT10 up for sale

    :confused: Its been a year and I still havent sold my CE (#15)!!
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    SOLD!!! 2005 CE #15 ....$22,000.00

    WOW!! A CE sure would look pretty in with them!