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  • That would work great and I was gonna recommend that :rock:
    My address is
    Scott Forman
    2224 Skyline Dr
    Waco, Tx. 76710
    Dont know, if its the photo in your sig. or the color, but i really like your truck.
    One of the best looking on this site. Best regards Arne
    I am looking for a spoiler for my Night Runner. I have the tonneau cover but no spoiler. Do you carry them or know who does besides a dodge dealer?
    robert....remember me asking about the mopar headers for my iron v-10 (which you said weren't available) well i found some other headers but they didn't come with bolts. i need a 5/16"x18 1" long but have to have a six sided 3/8" hex cap. can you see if mopar has these or do you know of an outfit that might have these,(most 5/16" bolts have a 1/2" head. i was told these were a japanese standard size bolt. this,scot
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