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    Battery Recommendations Wanted

    What is the best battery for my 2004 SRT-10 truck? Money is no object.
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    Air Conditioning Recharge

    Looking to recharge the air conditioner on my 2004 SRT-10. Any instructions and referrals would be appreciated.
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    Oil Consumption Rate

    I’m in Los Angeles. A recent round trip to Las Vegas started at 44,867 and ended at 45,694 odometer miles, with the engine using up 1½ quarts of oil.
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    Oil Consumption Rate

    What is the upper bound for the oil consumption rate of an SRT-10 engine?
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    Baby Seat Accommodations

    Looking to accommodate an infant in a 2004 short cab stick shift truck, preferably in the middle seat. Please advise.
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    Right Fender and Front Bumper

    I need a complete passenger side fender for a 2004 truck. Please email [email protected].
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    Right Fender and Front Bumper

    Please tell more.
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    Right Fender and Front Bumper

    Is that for parts pre-painted?
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    Right Fender and Front Bumper

    Red if possible, new or used will do.
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    Right Fender and Front Bumper

    Looking for the right fender and front bumper.
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    Parting out 2004 SRT-10 with 21,XXX miles

    Are the wheels available?
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    2004 SRT 10 RC Rolling Chassis and Interior

    Are the wheels still available?
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    Loading Ramp?

    Please recommend a portable, heavy-duty loading ramp.
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    I'm in the Hollywood Hills, but my shows mainly take place in Northern California. The current payload of my truck includes a 55" SunBrite TV set housed in a pop-up Gator G-TOUR ELIFT 55 case, complemented by a semiauto Browning M1919a4 mounted on an M2 tripod. As ever, the Second Amendment...
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    Looking for good HID headlights and LED taillights. Any tips?