Front springs JTSVP vs Belltech

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    Sep 30, 2016
    Hello VTCOA Fam, just wanted to get some feedback from you guys/gals. I’ve had my truck for a few years now and I’m ready to lower my truck. I know JTVSP products are top notch(I know because I already have some of their products), but has anyone tried both front springs? Either had belltech front springs and swapped them out for the JTSVP springs? Or took a ride in someone’s truck(with either or springs) and then got the other springs? JTSVP website says 10% stiffer than stock, so I know for a fact they will be better for a daily driver. I’ve read on here that the belltech springs are for the Hemi trucks, which would mean they would be softer than the JTSVP springs. For some of us wanting to drag race our trucks every once in a awhile, wouldn’t we want the softer spring to lift the front end for weight transfer? I bought the belltech flip kit already, without shocks. My plan is to add the flip kit with helper bags to stiffen the rear and also caltracs. I also plan on adding belltech street performance shocks on all 4 corners. The dilemma I’m having is which front springs to get. I did a little research and price wise is about $200 difference. Belltech front springs are about $200 and JTSVP front springs are about $400. Thank you all for your time and responses.

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    Personally I would call jtsvp and talk with tony ..