Fuel leak


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Jul 25, 2011
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Hello. I noticed a little fuel smell while I was cleaning my truck for the carlisle mopar nationals. The bottom of the tank was damp with fuel (trickled down the side) I noticed thst looking between the bed ad cab fro the side that the hose in the picture is wet....looks like just the hose. (I borrowed the pic from here) What is this hose for and where does it go? Noticed the truck takes a little longer to start lately also...not a lot longer but noticable.

i would say its part of the POS evap system.

fuel supply is part of the forward whodingus
Anyone have a diagram of all the hoses, wires, etc. on our fuel tanks? Want to see what I'm dealing with before dropping the tank.

Ok. Did some more investigating. Its not the small hose in pic. It is leaking at the fitting on the fuel pump. Not sure if its the fuel line fitting or fuel housing nipple. How much of a pita is dropping the tank? Any tips?
make sure it is as empty as you can. It is fairly long.The fill/vent hose gets hungup as you try to lower it. alittle patients and it drops easily
Thanx. Easier on the VW..... open the hatch, take off cover plate, see fuel pump :)
ok. I figure I'll just get a new fuel pump and fuel line and replace what is needed when I drop the tank. Does anybody just make the top of the fuel pump housing? Seems like a waste to replace the whole assembly if there is just an issue with the top.
I have an 05 with the same problem, the tank shows 1/4 to empty. It starts leaking after I start the engine and stops several minutes after shut down. Any ideas? Did you removed the fuel tank? Any updates are appreciated!!