Is "da cave" an actual cave? That would explain all the dirt. Lol
If you clean her (or him) up good & take new pictures you got my vote.
With only 5K on the clock the paint underneath that liner is probably still in good shape. I'd remove the liner (gently) and see what it looks like. Obviously she will never be a work truck as long as you are around.

I am not able to clean her up good right now due to some medical issues so maybe you could just use your imagination?? I know the bed is in perfect condition because it has never hauled anything and she has only been driven on pavement and garaged her entire life.

I live on a dirt road now, which is why she stays in the cave! I need a trailer to haul her down to pavement :D

And you are correct, she will never be a work truck as long as I am around - Hahahaha