MARCH 2024 TOTM - Kiwi SRT10!!

Kiwi SRT10 for MARCH 2024 TOTM

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May 18, 2006
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I nominate Kiwi SRT10 for March 2024 TOTM

definitely rocks a very cool paint job, and the steering wheel on the wrong side of the truck is over the top! Not to mention the other mods. AND the Crazy Old Man behind the wheel - hahaha

The Poll is open - step right up and cast your vote!
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As described by her owner:

It has dual exhausts and the steering wheel on the otherside. Then there is the asshole stripes, did I mention those?
"Just Plum Crazy"
Righto let see yas beat that huh?

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Yeap , plum crazy even on the plug wires … did I say Plum crazy is the color I always wanted to paint my Dusters hahaha
Come on people get out and vote …
Step right up people don't be shy! Vote vote vote! And then vote again if you can! Lol
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Come on guys and gals ,,, get out and vote or we may end up with a bobblehead and dingbat winning :eek: