Official 2006 Night Runner RC Part Out Thread - Yes. It's real.

What’s the price on the engine? Not sure I want to mess with the
And yes, there's parts!

Parting out my 2006 RC. No. This isn’t a joke.

Paxton setup - custom and complete.
Multiple sets of wheels
SRT bed mat (well used, but original)

Here’s the full list of modifications - everything is for sale.

Night Runner Edition #327/400
141k miles on chassis
Forged 510 built by JTSVP September 2017 - Motor has 40k miles on it now - 15k miles with a low boost Paxton.
CP pistons
Molnar rods
Clevite bearings
New cam (580 lift - very mild)
Polished crank
Decked, honed block
New lifters
Cloyes timing chain
Hardened push rods
Thinner head gaskets
Manley oversize valves
New beehive valve springs valve seats and New valve guides
Balanced rotating assembly
Zero gap rings

Additional supporting mods (ALL FOR SALE):
Belanger headers, high flow cats, Magnaflow catback, JTSVP TB, JTSVP coils, JTSVP wires, JTSVP 1/2 lowering kit, new Bilsteins installed at 95k miles, QA1 14 way adjustable shocks (extra), B&M shifter, replaced rear end with rebuilt unit at 80k miles with 4.88 gears, new clutches, and cryoed spider gears, new pinion seal, new stage 2 southbend clutch installed at 101,700 miles with new oem flywhweel, Viper master, new JTSVP slave, and JTSVP oil and PS lines. EBC red front brake pads and SP Performance rotors, EBC green rear pads and SP Performance rotors at 90k miles.
Powder coated intake, TB, and fuel rails, powder coated fuel rails are wet gloss black - powdercoated wheels and filler door bronze, and valve covers to match, almost new matching Pirelli tires all around, factory nav, heated seats, factory tonneau cover. Refinished OEM headlights.
Truck was a non nav truck but I bought all OEM parts and installed nav and painted the bezel to match the NR scheme (have original radio and bezel put up).
And I also have new OEM Night Runner badges for the bedsides if you prefer to put them back on.
Interior is 9/10 - new OEM steering wheel, seat covers replaced with near new OEM covers, exterior is 7-8/10 depending on how picky you are. It’s a daily.

Custom polished Paxton (unknown miles, but have had it on for 15k) with air-air intercooler installed at 125k chassis miles. Walbro 450 in tank pump, 69# injectors. 2 BAR map with Torrie tune made 693 rwhp on this engine. Autometer Wideband AF, Boost, and Fuel Pressure gauges in a triple pod.

Special consideration will be given to engine/blower package, or complete interior swap, but it’s ALL for sale.

I’ll try to answer everyone in the order of requests.

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What’s the price on the engine? I have an 06 QC that thru a rod. Not sure I need the Paxton its a lot of work to make them right.
Any issues with the engine? Oil burning or does it need anything?
I hear it may not work on an automatic if its a manual engine. What happened to the truck is it wrecked?

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