That's most likely the same one!
Probably , funny how that charge appears more like a civil thing than a criminal thing and arresting her ! The worlds gone mad !
Registry Books -

Ghost writer???
Was getting anxious lol
They give meds for that condition hahaha ! Just wait till you become a 65 year old man hahaha and see what the automatically want to feed you without and symptoms or testing :mad:
Do DD on any drug prescribed.. the doctors have very little idea of what the crap is and does IMO … side affects , adverse reactions , contradictions , compatibility with other meds . Not to mention the LD50 in rats hahaha ! Everyone 65 is in no way the same healthy or unhealthy conditions yet the system categorizes being 65 is an automatic strike against you with everything .. BS scamming chit . Before my heart crap I’ll bet anyone that this not yet old fart could wipe the ground with almost any young kid doing what I did for just the last 22 years not including before that . During my stint with the golf industry, I was what was called a working Superintendent, upper management. I chose to get into the grit and hence the crews nicked name me Superman ! Later with my business clients and people just walking their dogs would stop me and ask me all the time , How in the hell can you do this .. Imwould tell them because I’m a certified lunatic hahaha !

Don’t beleive me , try a test … work from dark to dark during the hottest most humid time of the year in Florida , Texas . Never stopping for lunch and eating on the way to the next job zone . Try it for just 1 week ! No riding allways walking at least a 3.5 MPH walking speed with equipment that weighs 300 to 400 pounds ( that was mostly the easy days , everyday . Then the projects that were lifting , climbing and more .. 7 days a week 362 days a year and have only had 1 vacation in my entire life ( 2 week , got married and had the Honeymoon and hated every minute not working . I never got sick but worked even with injuries ( 3 times with cracked up ribs and even with kidney stones passing them every 6 months .. Piss and Vinegar grit my teeth and bear the pain was my motto ! To top it off I never got or had Hemorrhoids for sitting on my ASK ! The last 3 years has been miserable with these health problems but I’m not going to get Hemorrhoids hahaha EVER !
I'll have to re read all this!
Hahaha , not that important.. a just me babbling hahaha !
But is all true hahaha .. that’s the short form hahaha !

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