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Jul 27, 2008
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...in a van, down by the river...
Here's what we're looking at:

1.) Short/Long sleeve t-shirts
2.) Regular sweatshirts
3.) Hoodies

It was brought up that we'd like embroidered polos:

1.) Dri-Fit style?
2.) Cotton blend?
3.) Tweed?

Let me know your thoughts to the above.

Copy and past your replies and let's get an order started!
Lol!!! I was joking about the polos, but I'm sure someone might like one.

I'm more of a long sleeve / hoodie kind of guy. ;)
gray or black short sleeve tshirt and maybe a zip up hoodie
embroidery would be nice as it seems to last longer but will definitely be more $$. had a jean jacket (do they still make them?)) with Dodge motorsports embroidered on the back of it in the 90s, damn that seems like a long time ago…………. left it in a truckstop restaurant and when i got back an hour later it was magically gone:chain::chain::chain:
1.) Long sleeve t-shirts.. BLK. xl
2.) Regular sweatshirts.. BLK. xl
3.) Hoodie...BLK. xl
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One white with black print long sleeve medium. And one light grey with black print pull over hoodie medium as well. Let me know how much before I order please. :)
i will let you know prices hopefully by tomorrow.

likely do two colors: white over dark shirts, or black over light shirts, but i asked about other colors.

also, i personally like the logo at the top of the page with the sneaky pete viper head. i don't want to muddy the waters, but does anyone have a preference?
The current logo looks good to me. That's what I would want on my apparel.
I'd take
1. 1 Long sleeve t-shirt.. Black. XL
2. 1 Regular sweatshirt.. Black. XL
3. 1 Hoodie...Black. XL

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