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  • Hi mate, sorry, I didn't even know you'd even left a message lol. Anything can be done at a cost, not 100% sure why you'd want to though as that transmission will be limited in it's hp capabilities. Having said that, I don't know a hell of a lot about it. Unless it's the 5-Speed "Auto-Stick" from the SRT8 vehicles. Either way, my 2c, your truck is already an auto, upgrading to another auto isn't going to achieve much apart from 1 extra gear. If you are that concerned, maybe beef your stock one up and get a slightly higher (lower numerically) rear gear set. Save yourself time and hassle. Going from auto to manual or manual to auto, that's a swap worth while. Hope that help. Cheers!!
    Carl, checked out your mods. Very impressive. I have a 05 SRT QC and i am thinking about changing my gearbox to a 5 Speed AMG automatic tranny. Can you think of any bigger problems with that idea or anyone that could help me ? Thanks for a feedback
    Thanks mate! I had NO IDEA so no, no permission given! Not sure what to do so I just asked a question on his auction: "Hey mate, do I get a nice discount as you are using my Ram SRT/10 to help sales? Cheers, Carl aka Carlwalski" hahaha. Nice spotting bud!!!
    Found your truck on Ebay, some company using your photo. Wasn't sure if you gave them permission!

    22" SRT10 Dodge Ram Laramie Hemi Dakota Durango Factory Style Wheels Rims Black | eBay
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