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  • i think i did the friend thing right? if not send me another invite. i havent started an album yet, for one i just finished my wheels and debadging and still have to do fogs, heads, and tails, and was guna do it when im done.

    and all thet is just an excuse for me being a techno-retard and not wanting to spend an hopur and a half trying to figure out how to make an album.

    you can find some pics of my truck in the forum under visual mods a couple weeks ago when i did the wheels and debadging. all i have left for visual mods is to do the half lower in the back and do all the lights, and still tryin to figure if i want to go halos in the front too. guna do all that when i can, i have to install the drop and caltracs when i get time, been sittin in my garage for a month now, just workin too danm much.

    anywho i will keep u posted and let me know also the changes you make to ur truck, i think its awsome we have the same exterior ideas. \

    have a good weekend bro
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