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    Rally Cross Racing in the QC!

    Totally spaced this section existed as haven't been to this site in forever. Came to see what my current trucks VTR-number is, and happened to spot this. So back in June 2017 I had a buddy with a Subaru that wanted to try out a local SCCA Rally Cross event in Fountain or Pueblo, CO. He made a...
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    Dash Plaques

    These are awesome!!!! Grabbing another set once I find the pay link hahaha
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    Where is the pump located? I am having a hard time finding any schematics, and the ones I found on The Viper Store left me even more confused
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    Where can I find the cylinder head procedures? I have to retorque at least one head bolt, and not wanting to mess it up.
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    48RE 615 Transmission Issue

    So funny story, just looks like my tranny sensor is going out or the transmission governor is clogged, so cheap $550 fix. But since opening it up, will do some light nodding as have to get some other work done on the truck, like install my Paxton supercharger. Plus looking to pick up a SRT-10...
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    Registry Certificates

    With the stamp would be cool. Ducks I seemed to miss out on all of this awesome stuff.
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    Dash Plaques - Group Buy December

    How much for one of these? What info you need, as I would like 1 or 2. Second would be for a car show display. Would like black background with red symbol and grey letters.
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    48RE 615 Transmission Issue

    I got you
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    48RE 615 Transmission Issue

    I thought he was a vendor on this forum. Ok I will have to get a hold him that way
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    48RE 615 Transmission Issue

    Venomous what is price for that?
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    48RE 615 Transmission Issue

    On the new parts, or total mileage on trucks? How many miles on truck once tranny built? Looking to get mine built, but need it to last as I race time attack and drag currently. May take truck off the track in the next few years, but only time will tell how soon I can get a new race vehicle.
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    48RE 615 Transmission Issue

    Venomous!!! Long time! What is highest hp to the wheels you have seen on one of your built trannies so far? How many miles on it? truck won't make it to you sadly.
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    48RE 615 Transmission Issue

    Not too bad a price at all! Can you give me some insight on what components were upgraded? How did it change the truck? What power rating is it capable of now, as I'm already looking at putting on my Paxton Supercharger once tranny is fixed.
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    48RE 615 Transmission Issue

    How much was rebuild, compared to new transmission?