Rally Cross Racing in the QC!

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Mar 9, 2013
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Totally spaced this section existed as haven't been to this site in forever. Came to see what my current trucks VTR-number is, and happened to spot this. So back in June 2017 I had a buddy with a Subaru that wanted to try out a local SCCA Rally Cross event in Fountain or Pueblo, CO. He made a joke saying how I didn't have anything to do it with, so would have to ride bitch. I then replied with, Beatrice (my QC) could do it. He didn't take me seriously, but when we got there no one expected me to show up. The guys doing tech didn't want to pass me saying that I was too top heavy, I was at stock height, but argued it was lower than a normal 1500. The techs finally agreed to call the guy in charge of the event, and his words were, "I really don't want to let you go, but I really want to see him send it!" Apparently they have never had a truck at these events, so was going to be a first, just like I was the first truck racing at Pikes Peak International Raceway for Time Attack. Anyways, here is the video to show just how well the truck did. I did overshoot one section, which you see in the video, but there was so much dust you can see a judge walking away from his position. There was a huge right sweeping turn, that I could drift the truck the entire turn, so would dust everyone out as you see in the video.

Nice! What happened to your bumper?
Being top heavy can be a good thing!

Go Beatrice!!!

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