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  • :mad:Falcon Whats Up. Its Veesh from Terre Haute from the hotel accross the parking Lot. You know anyone here that can help me?? I took my truck to the Car wash. I washed the engine, but must have got water somewhere. The Viper truck wont start anymore. I got it at the Dodge Dealership, but i wanted to explore other options of replacing what might need replaced or upgraded. You know anyone that works on these Vehicles, and or options i can explore to get the truck started and running better than before?? I appreciate it!! Also what was that tuner you were telling me about again. I want to look into that as well.

    Holla at me!!
    Any plans on going to Cars & Coffee in Scottsdale this Saturday AM? It's @ the Shops @ Gainey Ranch...Scottsdale Rd & Doubletree Ranch Rd...starts between 8-9am. I'm going w/ 2 friends who own Vipers...let me know

    My mail box has some room. Did you get a new date? If so what is the new date for the GTG.



    Last weekend Falcon tried to organize a PHX GTG at the local Sonic's I was out of town myself. Let try it again. Let us say 6:00 PM at the Sonic at 51st Ave and McDowell. Please give me a shout. Looking to hear from HaroldD, Jassart, Phxpoolguy, Psycholl22 and Falcon. Let eat some burgers and talk RAM SRT-10. If you know other please contact them. My number is (602) 501-4205.

    Rudolph (Sigma-Wildcat)
    Hey Falcon....

    I saw your post in the "catless mids / magnaflow" thread. Looks like you did some dyno sessions. Your numbers for an automatic sound right in there. Anything else you discovered?!?
    your welcome. people who have never severed dont know the toll it takes on you and your family. I have been there and I know so again thank you very much.
    thanks for your service to our country. nice truck. looks like mine. haha. bought mine out of Vegas last year.
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