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  • Guys,

    Last weekend Falcon tried to organize a PHX GTG at the local Sonic's I was out of town myself. Let try it again. Let us say 6:00 PM at the Sonic at 51st Ave and McDowell. Please give me a shout. Looking to hear from HaroldD, Jassart, Phxpoolguy, Psycholl22 and Falcon. Let eat some burgers and talk RAM SRT-10. If you know other please contact them. My number is (602) 501-4205.

    Rudolph (Sigma-Wildcat)
    Keep in mind it took Torrie 3 times w/ modified maps to bring in the tune. All based on my "On Road Dyno" feedback. He has a slow, safe, rich side approach to his tunes. Which is smart and will save your engine.
    Thanks for the advice! Haven't gotten the wideband yet. Not real sure I will be getting one just yet....will just use the dyno readings for the tune.
    Yep! Exactly what I expected to see. You WILL see a power bump when you get closer to 12.7-8. Use STOCK plugs! Every true MOPAR tech will tell you they work the best.

    Did you get your AEM Wideband yet?!? (If not) Tony at JTSVP will set you up! (If so)...some tips...I tuned mine over the Memorial Day weekend. 4:30 am Sat, Sun and Mon. to dial in the tune. Wanted cooler overall temps and consistentcy. Use yor 3rd. gear (1:1) to do your pulls and have someone write down your A/F as you read it out every 1000 rpm's etc. Good Luck!

    she is running a little rich, so possibly this weekend I will be doing a dyno tune with Torrie. The average a/f was through out the RPMs was around 11.8. Think I will check/change the plugs before the tune to be on the safe side.
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