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  • No! But have a guy who has bought the tt setup, motor and tranny for 13k and giving me stock motor and tranny
    dammit I was just in Miami this morning. I totally forget you are from there. I could have come to see the hot rod. Did you sell it yet?
    No didn't make it. Had something come up with my daughter. As a matter of fact I'm toying with selling the truck. Truck is running awesome. Goodluck with yours.
    Did you go to PC. I am stuck in Seattle and wont get home till saturday afternoon. I will be planning to go next year for a weeks vacation. My mods are on hold a little while, dealing with the wife being laid off. Building my own traction bars. Have my ram air box done and put it on the truck and man the amount of air that thing flows is unbelievable. Gonna get it flow tested to see how much it flows. Have a good one.
    Well I'm still working on getting it done. I have a lot of custom work. My engine is forged, sun coast full built tranny, custom turbo headers made by dlm, twin 67mm t-3 t-4 hybrid turbo from turbonetics pushing between 10-11 psi rt now, large inter cooler from hennessey, split second fuel management system but looking to convert to sct, also looking at meth, getting ready to order cryoed gears from Tony at jtsvp. I'll post more pics sometime . Thanks for the compliment of the truck. Hope your build comes along well.
    Hey how you doin? Do you have more pictures of your hot rod? Do you have all your mods listed, because I am liking the way your engine is looking. Let me know. Happy New Year.:rock::D:dontknow::aetsch::toilet::elefant::burnout:
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