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  • For trailering your RC, what was close? the width or the length? I need to transport my QC and dont know if itll fit.
    Hello any bumper parts remaining on that 06 ram SRT10? Especially the metal bumper for the rear? Please advise.
    Please call me asap about your ebay auction. You have what i want, i live close and wanna save you some paypal fees and buy the truck off you. I can make a cash deposit tomorrow, the 24th. 908 310 6465. Thanks, Stan
    Hey man i haven't been on the forum in a while.. ive been slowly acquiring parts, ive got my diamond pistons (1300) cometic head gasket (200) K1 h beam Rods (800) Manley Race Series valves (300) Crower Springs and Titanium Retainers (400), heads studs (350), still lack crower billet cam, slow bleed lifters, rings, bearings, pushrods, gaskets, oil cooler, oil pump and pick up tube, injectors, walbero pumps, sct tuner, probably missing couple things but thats about how the progress is going. Ill have 10,000 in the build not counting the paxton. Im really thinking about selling the paxton an putting some money with it to get the F1-C procharger kit from JMB
    Hey boss, do you still have the measurements that make up your aluminum drive shaft? I imagine a carbon fiber one would be the same but, I don't know for sure.
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