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  • ya h beam rods came in today, its a slow process but i am making progress. Justin at JMB says ill be lucky to make 650 whp with Paxton and that is kinda a little less than i am shooting for, he says procharger will do 750 with serpinite setup at 12psi. I haven't made up my mind yet tho or should i say made the money up yet lol. Either way i have to upgrade fuel pumps and injectors an get a tune on it so that 1600 bucks. And one plus on procharger kit is polished blower and powder coated brackets and not to mention the big nasty intercooler up front. As much money as i have in this build i am almost to the point of saying hey whats another 2500 dollars right... i think i have a drug addiction to horsepower
    Sounds like it's going to be a fun winter, as bad ass as the procharger would be you got a good deal on a brand new Paxton I'd say try that out before you invest in procharger kit with a forged motor you should put up good #s you may want to up the Intercooler, you can sell the Paxton used for close to what you paid procharger kit is going to be around 10 when all said and done
    Making sure you aware of the huge Texas GTG this weekend in Temple, Tx. Meet and greet, racing, cruising and an all around great time. Look in the regional section for the Texas thread and get more info. Hope to see you there.
    Damn that sucks, how much is the forging going to set you back? I just finished my Trans swap to 6 speed now I'm looking to build my bottom end
    two weeks after i bout that supercharger from you i spun a rod bearing so i got the engine out now doing a forged bottom end... This is getting pretty expensive lol but i am hoping to put 700 down to the tires
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