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  • Hey oldcolt, my truck is done and will be debuted at world of wheels this February. Hopefully we can meet up and do that cruise to mopars at the mall in red deer this summer or any other cruises you and the other local 10s do.
    Hey Old colt sorry to bug u again but i was going through some old exhaust threads and i seen your Borla thread. My truck also has the Borla Exhaust which i do like, I was just wondering are you running any headers yet? or have you cut out the cats yet? Or are you going to do any of these things I'm thinking about it for the future just doing some reasrch for now. If you did decide on headers and midpipes is there anyone in alberta you suggest buying them from or do i have to order all that stuff out of the states? I also ordered my tires today I went with the NITTO's at kal tire price was $1160.00 out the door.
    Hey Old Colt how's it going i'm looking at some new tires and need your opinion? I'm looking at NITTO'S 420s or TOYO PROXIES.Any opinions or idea's would be appreciated.
    Thanks andhave a good weekend ( I hope i sent this meesage from the right place?)
    Good morning! Are expecting any snow your way today? I will be finishing lowering kit today as well as caltracs. I will get to the CAI probably tomorrow . Pushing out the old bushings was the most difficult. Have a great day
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