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  • Hi Scott.
    What do you have planned for your truck???
    The 710 was originally for boats. Typically designed for a fixed (high r.p.m.) and not dealing with stop lights, low speed traffic, w.o.t. recovery between gear changes, fuel mileage and such.
    It is really aggressive and has "the sound", rank idle, etc. Some guys buy a cam for that reason alone.
    Roe has sold a number of them.
    The 710 WILL sacrifice usable power (torque) for higher peak horsepower numbers. That is what all performance cams do. It is a see-saw with torque at one end and horsepower at the other.

    Touch base with Justin to get his thoughts (and a good grind).

    Changing a cam in the Gen III is a considerable amount of work so choose wisely.

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